If “get healthy” is already too big of a resolution for your new year, how about modifying it to “stay hydrated?” A well-hydrated person is a person practicing healthy habits and doing right by their body. The average healthy adult needs somewhere between 30 to 50 ounces of fluid a day. That might be difficult to do for some people. If you’re committed to keeping your hydration resolution this year, these tips might help you out!

Invest in a Good Water Bottle

We’d be remiss if this article didn’t start with the benefits of simple, fresh water. It’s the best source of hydration for your body. Seeing as our bodies are about 60% water, it should be your go-too. A nice BPA-free insulated water bottle that you keep with you is a great way to have water close at hand whenever you need it.

We know: simple water can be simply boring. You can jazz up the taste with lemon or other real fruits (strawberries and raspberries can be great companions!). Carbonation, either naturally with mineral water or artificially with injected carbon dioxide, can add enjoyable bubbles to your water without any harm. You can start out with sugar-free flavored sparkling waters (there are a variety offered in a store near you!) and then graduate to your own carbonation at home without added flavors.

Coffee, Tea and Other Drinks

While simple water comes with no-strings-attached benefits, there are plenty of other beverages out there that will help your hydration goals. Your morning coffee or tea is a fine hydrator, even with the caffeine in it. Caffeine has a slight diuretic property to it, so choose to include non-caffeinated beverages to your day.

Juices and even soda have hydrating qualities. They also come with added sugar, so we don’t recommend that they are your only source of hydration during your day. However, they can serve the purpose when you’re thirsty, so don’t rule them out if you need.

You know what doesn’t hydrate? Beer. Alcoholic beverages are not great for hydration. Hydrate with another type of beverage before you choose to responsibly consume alcohol. 

Food Can Hydrate, Too!

There are a lot of foods out there that can help you meet your hydration goals. Fruits, especially grapefruit and watermelon, are a fantastic source of water and offer a great healthy snack! Grapes, strawberries and oranges are also great fruits to snack on that will help you stay hydrated during your day.

Soups, stews and broth offer hydration as well, but be mindful that they can also be packed with salt. To control the sodium, make your own broth and soup at home, and be sure to pack them with nutrient-high veggies. Meats like hamburger and chicken breast can also offer hydrating benefits. Again, details like salt can really matter.  

Keeping your New Years resolutions doesn’t have to be a drag. Healthy hydration is a very easy resolution to keep, especially if you commit to keeping a water bottle with you, jazz up your water when it gets boring, and remember that there are many sources of hydration, including food. Before you know it, you’ll be doing all the right things without evening thinking about it!

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