Ask for an Interview

So perhaps your dentist has referred you to Dr. Mahoozi for a Periodontal evaluation, or perhaps you were referred by a friend or a family member, or maybe you just searched Boston Periodontists online and saw Dr. Mahoozi’s wonderful Yelp reviews and now you are thinking to call O’Trafford. And yet you are still unsure? You can ask for an interview with Dr. Mahoozi before making your decision.

Benefits of an Interview

This interview will give you a chance to ask questions outside a clinical setting and form an impression of his approachability, professionalism, and experience.

Different practices have different policies when it comes to meetings and interviews, but at O’Trafford Dental Specialists we make time for all patients. If it’s a face to face interview with Dr. Mahoozi that will put your mind at ease, we are committed to meet your needs.